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CodeBlu BI

Many Complex Data Sources.
One Solution.

CodeBlu BI

Explore Your Data in Minutes

With CodeBlu BI, you can create reports against your data sources in as little as three easy steps:

Step 1 - Connect

Simply register your internal and external data sources with CodeBlu BI. SQL Server - Oracle - MongoDB - etc. And, yes - even Excel spreadsheets are welcome.

Step 2 - Configure

Configure domains to simplify complex data structures and to increase performance - fetch only the data you need. A domain can be as simple as a single table from a single data source - or a hierarchy of data, cross database, cross provider.

Step 3 - Create

With all your data at your fingertips and in one location, you'll be free to explore and discover new insights into your business. Create charts. Group and aggregate data. Extend data sources with custom business rules. The sky's the limit.

CodeBlu BI is helping users identify risks - sooner than later.

Configure any metric for constant monitoring and have an email delivered when thresholds are exceeded.

Use conditional formatting to highlight milestones in your workflow – no matter how complex it is.

Configure dashboards to display data from across your entire organization – all secure and accessible via the web and on the go with CodeBlu BI Mobile.

How Does your Current Reporting Solution Stack Up?

Does it save you time?

With CodeBlu BI, you can create and edit reports with ease.

  • Guided report configuration reduces complexity, making report creation simple.
  • Reduce IT dependencies allowing you to complete ad-hoc report requests today - not tomorrow.

Does it make you more profitable?

With CodeBlu BI, you can identify risks and opportunities.

  • Quickly expose risk by using a variety of visual cues and rules – no more surprises
  • Enhance your workflow by sending automated opportunity alerts

Does it make you more productive?

With CodeBlu, you can quickly spot operational inefficiencies.

  • Build operational reports for your entire organization – time standards, employee production, auditing, etc.
  • Configure KPIs to identify trends in daily performance

Connect to the data you need.

CodeBlu BI connects to the top data providers.

(Don't see yours? Don't fret. We frequently extend our list of supported data providers.)

Additional Benefits

Faster insights

Get to insights faster with a complete BI platform that speeds up how you access, analyze and shape both internal and external data.

Self-service Reporting

With minimal configuration, CodeBlu BI reduces the need for developers, script, and coding by providing users with web-based wizards and ad-hoc controls.

Hybrid cloud platform

CodeBlu BI was designed to work in a hybrid environment that spans on-premises and the cloud.

Real-time Reporting

CodeBlu BI can connect directly to your data sources for real-time operational reporting. Even if your configured domain is cross database, cross provider - CodeBlu BI can mashup data on the fly.


CodeBlu BI can be installed on-premise, behind your firewall, for ultimate security.


Don't save calculations in your data sources? No problem - CodeBlu BI allows you to extend your data sources with calculated fields. From simple field concatenation to complex expressions - CodeBlu BI has got you covered.

Let CodeBlu BI help tell your data's story.

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